Thursday, 17 April 2014

Morning Sky in East Anglian

I arrived home last week from my most recent stint in Dubai.  I wanted to capture the feel of the skies here, so different from the almost constant blues over the UAE.  I took Pippa out for an early morning walk and was really looking to photograph the fields.  I had my Canon, a new wider angle zoom and my tripod.  This photo' was almost a chance shot, in that I had finished looking east over the fields towards sunrise, and was just sorting my gear out.  I brought the dog in and made her sit in front of the camera and this was the result. 

The tripod enabled a slower shutter speed and so a deeper depth of focus.  I ran this through Lightroom for some post processing and upped the colour and clarity a little, lightening the foreground and darkening the skies with separate graduated filters.  I also lightened and sharpened the dog a little.  This photo drew some really positive comments on FB so I thought I would drop it up here.  Arguably it is over processed, with a close to HDR feel, although it is one shot and not a combination of exposures so not an HDR photo. 

This and a few other photographs I have taken are close to accurate representations of what I was seeing, although clearly 'sparked up' a bit with post processing.  What it gives is not so much a 100% accurate representation of what I saw, but a 100% accurate representation of how what I saw made me feel.

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