Monday, 28 April 2014

Family shots - Samsung NX300

I bought a little Samsung NX300 to go to the Lebanon with in January, having left my Canon and kit at home.  I am really enjoying using it.  It has all sorts of clever features which I am only just starting to understand.  So far it has produced some great results.  I bought it because it has a full manual mode and a fairly fast lense.  I'm enjoying the other gizmo's.  One touch on the back of the screen gives auto focus, exposure control and shutter release.  A couple of more touches and photo's can be uploaded to the internet, so long as there is a wireless connection.  Good lenses too.  Just bought a converter (about £12) online which will enable me to use my old FD lenses too.  May buy a converter for my EOS Lenses - let's see how we get on with the FD series for a start.

I like these family snaps - my boy and youngest walking the final mile home after a good leg stretch with the dog.  And below - getting ready for a portrait shot with the children and Pippa.  We never did get a good portrait!  The Samsung can shoot multiple shots in very quick succession - faster than my 5DII for sure.  It can be fun just shooting a blurr of photographs and seeing later what has been captured.  I like this:

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