Sunday, 29 June 2014


Back in Dubai for a few days catching up with old friends.  Dubai, like life, will offer you what you are looking for, but perhaps to a greater degree than other places.  It is expensive, and can be hi-octane, but beyond the glitz and the glamour of the newest developments there are other lives, good and bad.  I would not choose to be a migrant worker here.  Although perhaps the stories of their abuse may be overdone I am sure there is some substance too them, and it is only by a chance of birth that it is they who are out in the heat building the glitz and me on the other side of the glass enjoying air conditioning.  There is a third life, one that some of my friends enjoy, which is a relatively normal family life. For me for now it is another week in my favourite hotel, being well looked after, finishing a short period of consultancy, and hopefully making some further useful connections along the way.

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Migrant Workers

If ever you feel life is not too great, spare a thought for the guy who escaped to Tripoli and stands on the side of the road with a bucket and a roller hoping to be hired.

There are more snaps from Libya at this link:  Tripoli

Tiger Cats

As cats go... very pretty, very bright, loves to play games, very curious.  Great cat...

Monday, 16 June 2014


Sweet to ride forth at evening from the wells
When shadows pass gigantic on the sand,
And softly through the silence beat the bells
Along the Golden Road to Samarkand.

Tripoli Visit