Sunday, 29 June 2014


Back in Dubai for a few days catching up with old friends.  Dubai, like life, will offer you what you are looking for, but perhaps to a greater degree than other places.  It is expensive, and can be hi-octane, but beyond the glitz and the glamour of the newest developments there are other lives, good and bad.  I would not choose to be a migrant worker here.  Although perhaps the stories of their abuse may be overdone I am sure there is some substance too them, and it is only by a chance of birth that it is they who are out in the heat building the glitz and me on the other side of the glass enjoying air conditioning.  There is a third life, one that some of my friends enjoy, which is a relatively normal family life. For me for now it is another week in my favourite hotel, being well looked after, finishing a short period of consultancy, and hopefully making some further useful connections along the way.

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