Sunday, 9 February 2014

Training Bodyguards

We ran a series of short training courses for the bodyguards of influential Afghans - or at least those who were important to us.

These included the team who looked after the Afghan Minister of Finance and, more locally, the Police District 10 Police Chief.

Both were important to us in different ways, and both were equally delighted that we ran some training, which included minor tactics, weapon handling and skill at arms, shooting, first aid, and fitness training.  Bodyguards in Afghanistan tend to be drawn from the tribe, clan, village of family of the principal.  They are chosen for their loyalty, and not necessarily their professional skills.

We aimed to provide, so far as is possible in a short course, a small amount of training which may just possibly help to keep the principle alive in future.  We provided this training gratis, in a spirit of friendship and brotherhood, rather than for any immediate financial gain or political capital building.

These, friendship, brotherhood, are traits that the Afghans admire and respect.  Respect and admiration go a long way in a country where the rule of law is tenuous at best, and where personal relationships matter more than any centrally driven decree or direction.

The Bodyguards enjoyed the training, and we enjoyed delivering it.

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